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Avatar Drabble Request Meme!

It's quite simple.

1) Request a drabble using the following format!
Pairing: [any pairing of your choice! if you'd prefer to request a character or group, feel free to change 'pairing' to 'character(s)'.]
Rating: [your preferred rating. example: if you aren't wanting any extreme making out and/or bloody violence, list your rating as PG. Nothing above R, though, please.]
Prompt: [can be anything. A word, a situation, a song, poetry, etc. Be creative!]

2) Look at the other requests, and fulfill any that strike your fancy! When doing so, in the title of your comment, please write:
[title of your drabble] (pairing/character, rating)

That's really all there is to it. :D

Is it okay to request/write drabbles that deal with events occurring in episodes that haven't officially aired yet? (such as: Western Air Temple, The Firebending Masters, and The Boiling Rock)
As of right now, yes. But please post a spoiler warning at the beginning of the drabble. That way, readers can scroll past easily if wanting to remain unspoiled. But what about after these episodes air? As a sign of common courtesy, please still make a quick mention of any spoilers for all episodes aired this week. Any drabbles/requests that do not follow these rules will be deleted!
Are any pairings not allowed?
Nope! You can request anything and everything!
Even slash/femslash/incest/etc?
Yep! Seriously, don't hesitate. If other people don't like it, they don't have to read it/write for it. Simple as that.
What if I'm wanting a purely friendshippy drabble (as in, nothing romantic?)
No problem! Just make sure to state that in your request.
Am I allowed more than one request?
Definitely! That's what's going to keep this going. Come back again and again!
If I have more than one request, should I post them all in one comment?
No. Please, make a different comment for each separate request. This makes it easier for people to reply to a prompt, as well as for archiving purposes.
If I make a request, do I HAVE to fill one?
It certainly would be nice of you to. After all, this meme won't amount to much without participation. But it's not required, and don't feel pressured to keep your number of requests and number of drabbles equal. This is supposed to be fun!
Uh oh! A request I want to write for has already been filled!
No worries! There's no limit on how many people can write for one request.
ZOMG! Someone's requesting [insert pairing here]! I hate that stupid pairing! Can I cause a ruckus over it?
Please don't. People like what they like -- nothing you say or do is going to change anyone's mind. Basically, if you wanna get mad, then do it somewhere else. Any rude comments or flames are going to be dealt with severely.
Are crossovers with other fandoms allowed?
No, not this time. Sorry!
Can I pimp this meme at my community/journal/website/etc?
Are you kidding? PIMP THE HELL OUT OF IT. Get your friends involved!
When does this end?
Never! Well, maybe not, but let's keep it going as long as we can! I'm hoping it can last through this week, what with all the frenzy over the finale. We shall see!


Unfulfilled Requests
Tui/La [death]
Zuko/Jet [in which Jet realizes he's in love with the Fire Nation's crown Prince Zuko]
Azula/Suki [Azula's capture of Suki: prison, bondage, removal of clothes]
Zuko/Toph (friendship) [yes, I'm upset! Like a squirrel after you castrate it!]
Sokka/Suki [o speak again bright angel]
Sokka/Toph [i'd rather one should walk with me than merely tell the way]
Zuko/Mai [a memory remains]

Fulfilled Requests
Sokka/Toph [wait a little longer]
Zuko/Katara [a kiss can be a comma, a question mark, or an exclamation point]
Mai/Ty Lee [hero]
Aang/Katara [if i believe in one thing, just one thing -- i believe in her]
Long Feng [there's always a bigger fish]
Zuko, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph [group therapy]
Mai/Katara [you went to an open door, instead of knocking harder on mine. i would have let you in.]
Zuko/Katara [death cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it for a while]
Toph/Aang [i dare you]
Suki/Toph/Sokka [stuck in the middle with you]
Aang/Katara [we lie awake, and we dream of making our escape]
Sokka/Azula [the rain is falling, falling so hard, and i'm sitting here watching, the earth begins to flood]
Zuko/Iroh (father/son relationship) [do i make you proud?]
Katara/Toph [in your shoes]

Hopefully, this will be fun for all who choose to get involved, and provide countless reading for weeks to come! :D

Date: 2008-07-13 10:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] belgian-ink.livejournal.com
Pairing: Toph/Aang
Rating: Doesn't matter (Something close to R would make me extremelly happy but you don't have to), but I would like something which involves an older Aang and Toph.
Prompt: I Dare You

Open If You Know How To See; Toph/Aang, PG-13

Date: 2008-07-14 07:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] laurellejana.livejournal.com
Totally not a drabble, since it´s 800+ words, but I needed them to make the thing a satisfying PG-13. Aang and Toph are about 16 here.

“I dare you.” And that put an end to all his protests, for even in the three years since the war their little tribe had never ceased to take dares as the most serious of challenges. The heat from his blush made her toes press harder into the ground, but her voice stayed steady when she continued. “And don´t give me any guff about Sweetness seeing and disapproving, you know she and Sparky are taking their own sweet time about getting back tonight, and you know just why, too.”

“Toph! You can´t think anything is happening between Katara and Zuko, after they´ve told us so many times that they´re just good friends!”

“Don´t be so blind, Twinkle Toes! And don´t try to change the subject, are you taking my dare or not?”

He thought about this an uncomfortably long time, and she tried to forget how thoughtful the war had made them all. This was a moment for her to just do, without thinking, and she wouldn´t let him take it away.

“Only if I get to give one,” was his eventual reply.

“Done deal. Now strip.”

“Toph! At least turn around.”

“It´s not like I´ll be able to see anything, genius.” But she obliged anyway.

And she did see, through her own mode of seeing, how he also turned his back; how gingerly he set down his staff; how quickly he took off the large-wide thing he wore on top; how he hesitated and then danced around pulling off his bottoms. When he turned back to her she knew that he´d left on that last layer that he wore even while waterbending or just plain swimming, but the dare hadn´t necessarily included naked so she didn´t complain. Not that she didn´t want to, but Toph Bei Fong understood as well as anyone about choosing your words carefully and expecting them to be followed to the letter.

“There, are you satisfied?” he asked almost immediately.

“I can´t see them yet, so no.” She walked directly over to him and held out her hand, demanding without a word that he finish what he´d started. He took it, sighed, and placed her palm at the top of his head. She lightly ran it up and down his brow, then used her fingertips to brush the lines that made his first arrow, trailing them down past where it ended to push in his nose.

She said, “Are you ready for me to see the rest?”

He nodded, a movement so slight it only resonated in her toes. But then he pulled her hand back up his forehead and slid the palm across his shaved head. When it reached the neck, she moved herself around until she was standing behind him, and disengaged their hands. Her toes curled involuntarily as she felt his heartbeat speed up. She trailed her fingers down his nape to his back, then lightly feathered them to the left and to the right, following the slightly raised bands across his shoulderblades and back to his spine. She smiled to herself when he shivered, a smile she knew he couldn´t see that revealed motives she was sure he hadn´t guessed. She gripped his arms and let her callused palms slide down them in a spiral, feeling the tattoos and his goosebumps at the same time. When she was holding his hands she pulled first one then the other behind his back, holding them together with her left hand while tracing his second and third arrows with her right thumbnail. And her feet wanted to dance when they felt his heartbeat beginning to pound through the ground to them.
From: [identity profile] laurellejana.livejournal.com
**The end because it was too long for one comment. Deleted and reposted to fix a slight error x.x;;**

Then suddenly she dropped into a crouch, letting his hands go in favor of grabbing his feet. Her knuckles skimmed arrows four and five, and she couldn´t resist saying, “No wonder I can hardly feel you walk sometimes, you´ve got tiny little feet! I should´ve called you Tiny Toes.”

“As long as they´re strong it doesn´t matter their size,” he said, and he couldn´t quite keep his voice steady. She kept her face turned down and her smile small but triumphant.

As she ran her hands up his legs she worked her way around to kneel in front of him, and pulled him slightly toward her when the bands went behind his thighs. She could hear him swallowing several times, and she wondered what he was getting ready to say that needed so much preparation. Then her attention was entirely on the heat that was radiating out of his skin and the pounding she could now feel in the bottom of her stomach as well as her feet.

When she finally stood up, and her hands finished their journey at the spot on his lower back that was raised but not smooth, that was scored and rough as though the burn had never quite healed, she pulled him all the way toward her and asked, “So what´s your dare then?”

“I dare you to be as honest about your feelings all the time as you were just now.” And he kissed the smart reply right out of her mouth.
From: [identity profile] belgian-ink.livejournal.com
OMG thank you :D! Lots and lots of love for you!

“Done deal. Now strip.”

“Toph! At least turn around.”

“It´s not like I´ll be able to see anything, genius.” But she obliged anyway.

Loved this scene xD!
I think I'm going to let free some tears of happiness for this.
From: [identity profile] laurellejana.livejournal.com
I´m SO glad you liked it! So glad that I did a little squee dance when I found this comment. See, this is the first thing I´ve written in Avatar at all, and I was super nervous about it being in response to a prompt. But you liked it! So yay!



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