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Yuletide Letter!

Dearest Yuletide Author,

Hi! First of all, thanks so much for signing up and offering to write for these awesome sources. This is my first year participating in Yuletide and I'm pretty nervous, but I'm also excited too, because I know I'll enjoy whatever you write for me! First of all, please don't feel like you have to adhere strictly to every word of my prompts. If you've already got a brilliant idea you want to explore or if you come up with something from one of my notes that doesn't match whatever else I've said, that's totally fine! As long as you work with what inspires you and genuinely enjoy it, I'm sure I'll love whatever you choose to write. Just have fun! <333


Things I Love!
+ Awesome ladies being awesome! In particular: I love ladies who go after what they want, who have interests and goals and dreams, who make genuine mistakes but have the strength and courage to work through them. <333
+ Just throwing this out there, even though it might not be applicable to all fandoms: one of my FAVORITE things ever in works of fiction (seriously, f-favorite trope of all time, maybe!?) is ladies rescuing the dorks guys they love. I am all about role reversals, believe me.
+ If it hasn't already been made painfully clear by that last part: ~*~ROMANCE~*~! Haha, what can I say. I am all about crushes, blossoming feelings, UST, first kisses, second/third/fourth/ALL kisses, dates, weddings, domesticity, babies, ETC. Basically, give me a fic with kissing in it and I will love you forever and ever. Even if romance isn't your thing and you'd rather write gen fic, just a sentence or two of implications would thrill me.
+ Other stuff: Friendships between ladies, ladies and guys, guys, etc! Quiet moments! Post-canon scenarios! Fluff! Happiness! Did I mention kissing?

Things I'm Not So Keen On!
+ Even though I'm big on romance/relationships, I'm not really one for out-and-out smut. Don't get me wrong, I am all for strong implications, fade-to-black scenarios, and just plain suggestiveness, which is why on my sign-up, I marked "teen and up" for ratings. But yeah, actually getting into the nitty-gritty of it? I'd really appreciate it if you could avoid it. (Related: no non-con/rape, please. :/ :/ :/)
+ Character-bashing! In particular, hatin' on the ladies. NO THANK YOU.
+ Excessive tragedy/angst. While I'll understand if you find some dark moments necessary, I'd really prefer it if the story at least ended happily, if nothing else? This isn't a deal-breaker or anything, but it's Christmas and I'd rather be happy during the holidays than sad. :(
+ Not big on crossovers/AUs for these particular fandoms. Sorry! Just the way I feel.

And now, for my specific requests!

Fandom: Gokusen (manga)
Characters: Kumiko Yamaguchi, Shin Sadawa

Details: I have to say, one of my favorite aspects of these two's relationship is that Shin so often plays the damsel in distress to Yankumi's badass hero. I'd love to see this element played with a little further down the road in their courtship. Just think! If Shin's getting kidnapped/beat to a pulp/tied-up/held hostage/etc so much when he's just a nosy student in her homeroom class, just think of all the trouble he'll be getting into when he's in a actualfax relationship with the heir to the Kuroda clan! (Or it could be interesting to bring back the girl from the 2009 special chapters? Seriously, did you see that seething look she gave Yankumi when she told her off? Girlfriend's not finished just yet, I'm willing to bet.) Alternatively, I would just love to see how the two, particularly Yankumi, adjust to being in a romantic relationship. How do their dates usually go? Is it hard for her to juggle teaching and her gangster family and beating up the thug of the week and her boyfriend? Is it still kind of awkward at times, considering he's her former student and all? D-Do they ever make out in her empty classroom? ALL QUESTIONS I AM INTERESTED IN ANSWERS TO. If you can find a way to combine both the damsel in distress element/the adjusting element into one story, EVEN BETTER!? But not necessary, of course. I would also not object to Ucchi/Kuma/Noda/Minami hanging out in the background and planning the wedding of the century/thinking up potential names for the pair's future offspring? Or whatever you want them to do, haha.

Fandom: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Characters: Makoto Konno, Chiaki Mamiya

Details: Oh man, I'd love basically anything with these two. MOST OF ALL: post-movie fic where they meet again? As someone who firmly believes that they eventually find a way to each other one day, I'm super-intrigued by all the different ways it could happen, whether through Makoto somehow being able to time-leap again (finding another charger through mysterious circumstances? Meeting another time-traveler?) or Chiaki finding a way to return to the past. You don't even need to explain how it happens, if you'd rather just get them in the same place without having to go into a big explanation about the mechanics of it all. I'M NOT PICKY. If you'd rather not go that route, maybe a missing scene from the movie? Anything that further explores their feelings for each other, whether before/during/after the movie, whether they're in the same time period or not, would be awesome. ALTERNATIVELY, if you'd rather go a more gen-fic route: I'd love to know more about Chiaki, period. We know so little about him, what he's been through, what his life was like before he came to the past. What is the future like for him, exactly? Does he have any family/friends there? What is the significance of the painting? What kind of process do you have to go through to be able to get the charger in the first place? Are there a lot of other people leaping through time that he knows of or is it a really selective thing? I COULD GO ON, BUT I WON'T. Additionally, I just want to say that I love every single character in this movie, so the more cameos by other characters, the better. I love Kousuke and his relationship with both Makoto and Chiaki. I love Kousuke and Kaho together. I love Kaho and her ridiculous friends. I love Yuri. I love Miyuki. I love Kazuko. Basically, I love everyone! Don't feel obligated to include any of them, but it would totally be a nice bonus to get a glimpse of other characters.

(But let's just be honest here for a second, shall we? If you wrote me a fic that had Makoto and Chiaki kissing in it, you could write about whatever the hell else you wanted, pretty much. I WOULD STILL LOVE IT.)

Fandom: Princess Tutu
Characters: Rue, Mytho

(Just a little disclaimer here: while I adore Princess Tutu A LOT and am still hoping for a particular fic for it (why else would I be requesting it?), I would just like to point out that there is already more than a handful of great fic for this show. If you happen to get assigned to me and are offering to write more than one of these fandoms, I would request that you maybe try to pick one of the two above, since there is little to no good fic for them. That is not to say that I will not wildly love any PT fic you write me! I'm just giving you my preference if you're trying to choose between two of these.)

While there's already been some great fic written for Princess Tutu, I have to admit, I'm still forever searching for a well-thought-out post-series fic for Rue and Mytho! There's seriously just so many directions you could take the obstacles and circumstances that await them back inside the story. To start you off, if you're in need of a jumping-off point: Can they fit so easily into storybook-roles, what with all they've been through? What if the court officials/townspeople/others don't approve of Rue as the princess? What if one of them is overcome by the Raven's blood again? What if there's some kind of rebellion/coup/attack from a neighboring kingdom? What if they simply can't return to the story and have to go back to the real world and carve out a life there? These are just some questions that I've considered, but if you've already got an idea, by all means, go for it! All I ask is is that you try to end it happily? Please don't break my heart. ;____; ALTERNATIVELY, if you'd rather go the more gen-fic route: anything about Rue! Seriously, anything about her growth, her struggles, her evolving friendship with Ahiru, etc. I love her so much, I hardly know what to do myself most of the time. Ahiru and Fakir making cameos would be awesome, but definitely not necessary.

And that's pretty much it! I apologize for writing you an essay. Remember, all of this should be taken as guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules! I don't want to stifle your creativity or anything! I love all three of these fandoms, and I'm sure no matter what you end up writing for me, I'll love it a ridiculous amount. Thanks so much!