Date: 2008-07-13 11:40 pm (UTC)
Carolyn, omg, before I saw it was you I was going to put something like "OMG, I love Doctor Who" at the end (but you already know that.)

He heard the lightning before he felt it; a dramatic, ominous buzzing, and as it came closer time slowed down. The crystals on the stone cavern walls glittered more slowly in the lights from the firebenders blasts, the sound of the water rushing and the rocks shifting under Toph’s steady hand slowed to distant thunder.

Then it hit and he could feel it alright. It started in the center of his back and spread outwards, replacing the cooling, calming sensation of the Avatar state, instead there were thousands of tiny red-hot fingers clawing outwards all over his body. He could feel consciousness slipping away from him. And the falling….that was the worst part. Airbenders didn’t fall.

This is it, Aang thought, everything for nothing. Just then, as he was about to give up hope and consciousness in one fell swoop he heard something else. It was the rush of water, like all the oceans rising up to meet and crashing down around them, more powerful than a hurricane. And above all those sounds, the scream of someone he knew better than anyone, ever. The person who he’d let down but knew would never let him down. Katara.

Out of the corner of his eye, quickly being erased by the darkness encroaching on his vision he saw her, riding a wave and heading straight for him. He could hear his heart slowing down, thudding in his mind, but with that sight it sped up a little more, he could take in one more breath. But the darkness was too much after all, as he finally slipped all the way into that unknown place between death and dreams, and felt her arms enclose him tight, he had one more thought. Just one. If I believe in one thing, just one thing…I believe in her.

There you go. Eat your heart out.
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