[The Sum of Us] (Suki/Toph/Sokka, G)

Date: 2008-07-16 05:06 am (UTC)
Spoilers for TBR, I guess?


After a few days, Suki has figured out the way they work.

Toph and Sokka are glued to each other. They laugh at jokes nobody else finds funny. They plot and create adventure of the most ordinary things. Toph blushes when she ribs Sokka or punches him in the arm. Sokka laughs and looks at Suki with a shrug.

“He’s totally oblivious,” Suki says to herself, and groans.

After a few more days, Toph sits her down.

“Don’t tell him,” she says. “I know you know. But, please, not yet?”

“I promise,” Suki says. She pauses. The silence is thick and Toph kicks at the ground.

“What was that about?” Sokka asks when Toph is gone. Suki only shakes her head.

After a few weeks, they have figured out the way they work together.

Toph and Sokka and Suki are glued to each other. It happened as the best things do, the gradual pull of unbidden affection and time. Sokka and Suki are kisses and hands and exhilaration, Sokka and Toph are laughter and sly words and the comfort of the familiar; Suki and Toph are all newness, sparring substituting the more difficult things, too much in common to have have kept them apart for long. But all together, they are more.

The three of them lie under the stars, and Toph nudges Suki gently in the arm for a smile in return. If she is in the middle for a while longer, it doesn’t matter as much as it could.
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