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Yuletide Letter!

Dearest Yuletide Author,

Hi! First of all, thanks so much for signing up and offering to write for these awesome sources. This is my first year participating in Yuletide and I'm pretty nervous, but I'm also excited too, because I know I'll enjoy whatever you write for me! First of all, please don't feel like you have to adhere strictly to every word of my prompts. If you've already got a brilliant idea you want to explore or if you come up with something from one of my notes that doesn't match whatever else I've said, that's totally fine! As long as you work with what inspires you and genuinely enjoy it, I'm sure I'll love whatever you choose to write. Just have fun! <333


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And that's pretty much it! I apologize for writing you an essay. Remember, all of this should be taken as guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules! I don't want to stifle your creativity or anything! I love all three of these fandoms, and I'm sure no matter what you end up writing for me, I'll love it a ridiculous amount. Thanks so much!
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a life you don't live is still lost.

FST time! I know, you guys are super excited about seeing me talk about this movie again. I debated whether to just post this in communities and leave it at that, but I eventually decided that I'd prefer my fan-made things to be concentrated in one of my journals, so yeah! SKIP THIS IF YOU DON'T CARE. :D :D :D

Anyway, I was pretty much finished with this before I even thought to look around and see if there had been any other FSTs made for this movie. A-And apparently, this is first one ever (that I can find, that is)!? If I had known that, I may have made it more of a general FST for the whole movie, but oh well. <333 ANYWAY.

Before It's Too Late - A Chiaki/Makoto FST )
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i feel your pain, i wrote this song for you~

Post anything you like here, but post it anonymously. It can be something big or small, whatever you feel compelled to. Maybe a (1) story, (2) secret, (3) confession, (4) fear, (5) loveā€”the possibilities are endless. Be sure to comment anonymously, though.

I am feeling a little sick and a little sad right now for no reason in particular. -___-;; I've always wanted to do this meme, and this seems like as good a time as any! MY JOURNAL HAS REACHED 1,957 COMMENTS AND IT WOULD TOTALLY BE AWESOME TO BREAK 2,000. <333

So tell me something! Confess a secret! Strike up a conversation! Spam with me with pretty things! Anything you want. =^__^= This entry is obviously unlocked and IP logging's off. Invite your friends!

Um, also, in case you missed it, my crazy PT fic was updated ---> here! Um, leave me a comment? I am totally NOT a comment hog, guys, but I've only received one so far. -___-;; which makes me afraid that it's not very good :( IT IS MY JOURNAL AND I WILL SHAMELESSLY ADVERTISE IF I WANT TOOO~

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Avatar Drabble Request Meme!

come on in, and join the fun! )

Hopefully, this will be fun for all who choose to get involved, and provide countless reading for weeks to come! :D
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It's really all you need to know. <3

Let's be friends!
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My playlist, for those addicting music-sharing communities. ;D

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