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My entry for Challenge #18: Fifty over at [livejournal.com profile] picspammy!

(NOTE: LIke I've already said, this is my entry for Challenge #18: Fifty over at [livejournal.com profile] picspammy. I've noticed lately that I have around 55-60 solo female artists represented in my music library, and it seemed like a neat idea, considering that most people tend to stick to actors/actresses when it comes to picspams and the like. JUST TO CLARIFY: this is a picspam featuring women who have released at least one solo album, so there are no bands fronted by women or women duos or anything like that featured here. :( Also, the link that is included in "Favorite Song" does not lead to a download link (I didn't feel comfortable uploading music on an open post) but instead is simply a place where you can listen to the song, such as a music video or a cheesy youtube video with lyrics on it.

Also, hopefully there won't be any issues with this, but haha, please don't make fun of my taste in music. There are going to be some obscure names on this list, as well as some blasts from the past. I enjoy a lot of music from the 90s, you'll see. XD;; It's cool if you don't like a certain artist or don't agree with my favorite song and prefer another one. I'd love hearing your thoughts! But don't outright insult my choices, if you can help it. This isn't meant to be based on the range of someone's singing ability or their popularity or anything of the like, and this list is in no order other than alphabetical. This is simply a list of people whose music I enjoy. <333)

Alanis Morissette
35, Canadian
Favorite Album(s): Jagged Little Pill (1995), Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (1998), So Called Chaos (2004)
Favorite Song: Uninvited

like any uncharted territory
i must seem greatly intriguing
You speak of my love
like you have experienced love like mine before
but this is not allowed, you're uninvited
an unfortunate sight
i don't think you unworthy
i need a moment to deliberate

Anna Nalick
25, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Wreck of the Day (2005)
Favorite Song: Catalyst

so i'm taking these pills for to fill up my soul
and i'm drinking 'em down with cheap alcohol
and you'd be inclined to be mine for the taking
and part of this terrible mess that i'm making
but you, you're the catalyst

Bonnie Raitt
60, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Luck of the Draw (1991)
Favorite Song: I Can't Make You Love Me

i'll close my eyes, then i won't see
the love you don't feel when you're holding me
morning will come and i'll do what's right
just give me 'til then to give up this fight
and i will give up this fight

Brooke Fraser
26, New Zealand
Favorite Album(s): What To Do With Daylight (2004), Albertine (2008)
Favorite Song: Lifeline

wake up feeling convicted
i know something's not right
re-acquaint my knees with the carpet
i have to get this out, 'cause it's obstructing you and i
dry up the seas that keep us parted

Celine Dion
41, Canadian
Favorite Album(s): Falling Into You (1996), A New Day Has Come (2002), One Heart (2003)
Favorite Song: It's All Coming Back To Me Now

i finished crying in the instant that you left
and i can't remember where or when or how
and i banished every memory you and i had ever made
but when you touch me like this
and you hold me like that
i just have to admit that it's all coming back to me

Chantal Kreviazuk
35, Canadian
Favorite Album(s): What If It All Means Something (2002), Plain Jane (2009)
Favorite Song: Time

time, where did you go?
why did you leave me here alone?
wait, don't go so fast
i'm missing the moments as they pass
now i've looked in the mirror
and my world's getting clearer
so wait for me this time

Charlotte Martin
33, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): On Your Shore (2004), Stromata (2006)
Favorite Song: Madman

over and over, i'm feeling the same old loneliness
and under me, under me, feeding the madman
over and over, it's chilling, the things i've let you miss
and if you're a miracle, i am the madman

and i'm sorry i didn't build your walls
and i'm sorry i had to go and fall
and i'm sorry i had the whole thing wrong
and, well, i guess i'm the sorriest of all
and i'm sorry that you are feeling small
and i'm sorry that i'm not used to crawling
and i'm sorry the writing's on the wall
well, i guess i'm the sorriest, guess i'm the sorriest of all

Christina Aguilera
29, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Stripped (2002), Back To Basics (2006)
Favorite Song: Ain't No Other Man

i could feel it from the start
couldn't stand to be apart
something 'bout you caught my eye
something moved me deep inside
don't know what you did, boy, but you had it
and i've been hooked ever since
i told my mother, my brother, my sister and my friends
told the others, my lovers, both past and present tense
that everytime i see you, everything starts making sense

Dana Glover
35, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Testimony (2002)
Favorite Song: Thinking Over

i've been searching for a reason
and i'm running out of time
i can feel that it's the season
it's time to make up my mind
and i can't really tell you what i'm gonna do
there are too many thoughts in my head
there are two roads to walk down, and one road to choose
so i'm thinking over the things that you said

Delta Goodrem
25, Australian
Favorite Album(s): Mistaken Identity (2004), Delta (2007)
Favorite Song: Last Night On Earth

a penny for your thoughts
a picture, so it lasts
let's knock down the walls of immortality
your fingers on my skin, only you can hear my fear
only you can help me heal
i see forever with you here
it's never enough
no matter how many miles stand between us, this is love

38, British
Favorite Album(s): No Angel (1999), Life For Rent (2003)
Favorite Song: See The Sun

come on, take my hand
we're going for a walk, i know you can
you can wear anything, as long as it's not black
please don't mourn forever, she's not coming back
yes, they'll ask you where you've been
and you'll have to tell them, again and again
and you probably don't want to hear tomorrow's another day
well, i promise you, you'll see the sun again

32, Italian
Favorite Album(s): Then Comes The Sun (2001)
Favorite Song: Dancing

no, I won't step back
but i'll look down to hide from your eyes
'cause what I feel is so sweet
and i'm scared that even my own breath
oh, could burst it if it were a bubble
and i'd better dream if i have to struggle

so i put my arms around you
and i hope that i will do no wrong
my eyes are on you, they're on you
and i hope that you won't hurt me
i'm dancing in the room, as if i was in the woods with you
no need for anything but music
music's the reason why i know time still exists

Emmy Rossum
23, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Inside Out (2007)
Favorite Song: Falling

you are everywhere inside my head
and i'm all tangled up in your web
so surreal, but i like how it feels inside this reverie
just a look, and i'm not thinking straight
i'm addicted, i don't want to wait
i'm letting go of everything that i know
up and down my spine go shockwaves now
tumbling heels over head, lost in this maze again

Fiona Apple
33, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): When The Pawn... (1999)
Favorite Song: The Way Things Are

i wouldn't know what to do with another chance
if you gave it to me
i couldn't take the embrace of a real romance
it'd race right through me
i'm much better off the way things are
much, much better off, better by far, by far
i wouldn't know what to say to a gentle voice
it'd roll right past me
and if you chalk it up, you'll see i don't really have a choice
so don't even ask me
i'm much better off the way things are
much, much better off, better by far, by far

Holly Brook
24, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Like Blood Like Honey (2006)
Favorite Song: Heavy

all that i implore
seems to be one foot outside that door
coming between me and waking
underneath the corset of your mystery
piece by piece, undress you from your history
i'm sleeping in seclusion and sweet disarray
you can go heavy on me, and i will not weigh you down
you can be steady and clean, i can take it
heavy on me and i will not weigh you down

Idina Menzel
38, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Here (2004), I Stand (2008)
Favorite Song: Here

oh, sweet revelation got me levitating over ground
life and all its vibrations
no, i'm never coming down
oh, you're my own superhero, keep watching over me
i like it when you say my green eyes are your constellations
to some lighthouse in the sea
if your car stalls in the middle of the road in snow
i know i know you'll be here
lights out in all of the city, blackout, no doubt
i know you'll be here
river flows through the streets and the homes are floating
i know you'll be here
stranded in the middle of China, they'll find you
i know you'll be here

Imogen Heap
32, British
Favorite Album(s): iMegaphone (1998), Speak For Yourself (2005), Ellipse (2009)
Favorite Song: The Walk

inside out, upside down
twisting beside myself
stop that now
you're as close as it gets without touching me
oh, now don't make it harder than it already is
i feel a weakness coming on
it's not meant to be like this
not what i planned at all
i don't want to feel like this
no, it's not meant to be like this
not what i planned at all
i don't want to feel like this
so that makes it all your fault

34, Welsh
Favorite Album(s): Finally Woken (2004), Down To Earth (2008)
Favorite Song: 24

been given 24 hours
to tie up loose ends, to make amends
his eyes said it all, i started to fall
and the silence deafened
head spinning round, no time to sit down
just wanted to run and run and run
be careful, they say, don't wish life away,
now i've one day
and i can't believe
how i've been wasting my time

Jessica Andrews
26, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Heart Shaped World (1999), Who I Am (2001), Now (2003)
Favorite Song: I Do Now

is this a dream or are you real
i'm trying hard not to lose my cool
but when you're kissing me
i just get so lost in the moment
i hope i'm not acting like some kind of fool
'cause i can reach up and touch any star in the sky
put my arms 'round the moon if I try
never thought i could feel so much love in my life
no, i never thought i'd know how, but i do now

Jessica Riddle
29, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Key Of A Minor (2000)
Favorite Song: Gone

i know you're gone
i know you're leaving me
behind your dreams, behind your prayers
what do you think?
what do you want?
what do you love?
i hear your sighs
i hear your heartbeat pound me on my back
i'm on my own now
what do I see?
what do I feel?
what do I love?

35, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Pieces Of You (1995), Spirit (1998), 0304 (2003)
Favorite Song: You Were Meant For Me

i called my mama, she was out for a walk
consoled a cup of coffee, but it didn't wanna talk
so i picked up the paper, it was more bad news
more hearts being broken, more people being used
put on my coat in the pouring rain
i saw a movie, it just wasn't the same
'cause it was happy, i was sad
it made me miss you oh so bad
'cause dreams last so long, even after you're gone
i know you love me and soon you will see
you were meant for me and I was meant for you

Jordin Sparks
20, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Jordin Sparks (2007), Battlefield (2009)
Favorite Song: Tattoo

no matter what you say about love
i keep coming back for more
keep my hand in the fire
sooner or later, i'll get what I'm asking for
no matter what you say about life
i learn every time i bleed that truth is a stranger
soul is in danger, I gotta let my spirit be free
to admit that I'm wrong and then change my mind
sorry, but I have to move on and leave you behind

Katharine McPhee
25, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Katharine McPhee (2007)
Favorite Song: Everywhere I Go

'cause everywhere I go
no matter what I do, boy
I just can't get you out of my head
so it annoys me (you wasn't man enough)
to come and tell me (that i was never the one)
like you said I was (you could have told someone)
you knew you didn't love me anymore
I tell myself, get over you
it's over, right, right thing to do
and just when I thought I was done
you pull me in for another run
i can't take this, i won't take this
i can't do this, i won't do it
even if i know in the end, somehow, it always comes back to you

Kathleen Edwards
31, Canadian
Favorite Album(s): Back To Me (2005)
Favorite Song: Away

do you think that i've changed?
i swear i never tried
memory is a terrible thing when you use it right
i was rehearsing a part from down at the bar
my mouth smelled like drink
we were laughing, i think
i've been away

Katy Perry
25, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): One Of The Boys (2008)
Favorite Song: Thinking Of You

you're like an indian summer in the middle of winter
like a hard candy with a surprise center
how do i get better once i've had the best?
you said there's tons of fish in the water
so the waters i will test
he kissed my lips, i taste your mouth
he pulled me in, i was disgusted with myself

Kelly Clarkson
27, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Thankful (2003), Breakaway (2004), My December (2007), All I Ever Wanted (2009)
Favorite Song: Sober

and i don't know
this could break my heart or save me
nothing's real until you let go completely
so here i go with all my thoughts i've been saving
so here i go with all my fears weighing on me
three months and i'm still sober
picked all my weeds but kept the flowers
but i know it's never really over
and i don't know
i could crash and burn but maybe
at the end of this road i might catch a glimpse of me
three months and i'm still breathing
been a long road since those hands i left my tears in

KT Tunstall
34, Scottish
Favorite Album(s): Eye To The Telescope (2004), Drastic Fantastic (2007)
Favorite Song: Heal Over

and i don't wanna hear you tell yourself
that these feelings are in the past
no, it doesn't mean they're off the shelf
because pain is built to last
everybody sails alone
oh, but we can travel side by side
even if you fail, you know that no one really minds
come over here, lady
let me wipe your tears away
come a little nearer, baby
'cause you'll heal over
heal over, beal over someday

don't hold on but don't let go
i know it's so hard
you've got to try to trust yourself
i know it's so hard, so hard

Lee Ann Womack
43, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): I Hope You Dance (2000), Something Worth Leaving Behind (2002)
Favorite Song: I Saw Your Light

i've come a long, long way, i walked a crooked road
and there was hell to pay, and there were miles to go
i thought i'd lost my nerve, i thought i'd lost my spark
life had thrown a curve and I was in the dark
i wasn't looking for a miracle, just hoping for relief
But you gave me something, something to believe
i saw your light and i was changed, i was changed
i saw your light and nothing is the same, no
maybe all of us are weak, maybe love is fast asleep
in the middle of an endless night
but i saw your light

Leona Lewis
24, British
Favorite Album(s): Spirit (2007), Echo (2009)
Favorite Song: Alive

i'm gonna get there someway
through all the tears and the rain
and any road i can take, just to get me some place
where all the scars on my heart and all the lies in the dark
disappear in the headlights, so bright
tonight, gonna drive them away

where do i go when i'm so alone?
where do i turn when we weren't so close?
we try not to crash, but we still collide
tears i've cried, i'll survive
i'm alive

Lesley Roy
23, Irish
Favorite Album(s): Unbeautiful (2009)
Favorite Song: Make It Back

i was blinded by you
i got lost in your eyes
too afraid to find you
and too late to read the signs, to read the signs
i was young and foolish
didn't know how to love
now i see the truth in all that's left undone
now i know that i need you, only hope is just to see you
scream your name through the silence, see your face in the distance
'cause i'm crawling and falling, whatever i must do
to make it back to you

Lisa Loeb
42, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Tails (1995), Firecracker (1997), Cake and Pie (2002)
Favorite Song: How

i didn't come this far for you to make this hard for me
and now you want to ask me "how"?
it's like - how does your heart beat, why do you breathe?
how does your heart beat, and why do you breathe?
why did you come here?
you weren't invited
you were on the outside, stay on the outside.
and now you want to ask me "why"?

Mandy Moore
25, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): I Wanna Be With You (2000), Mandy Moore (2001)
Favorite Song: It's Gonna Be Love

it's gonna be love, it's gonna be great
it's gonna be more than i can take
it's gonna be free, it's gonna be real
it's gonna change everything i feel
it's gonna be sad, it's gonna be true
it's gonna be you're the one to do
it's gonna be me, baby
it's gonna be you, baby
the sooner you let two hearts beat together
the sooner you'll know this love is forever
love needs time now or never
it's gonna be love, it's gonna be strong enough

Maria Mena
24, Norwegian
Favorite Album(s): White Turns Blue (2004)
Favorite Song: What's Another Day

"you give this way more thought than it deserves,"
you say as i tell you about my fear of rejection
i wouldn't know better than to get scared
'cause since we've met we've had this great connection

"you know, concrete colored buildings all grow stale,"
you say as i look up dreaming
i know better than to include the both of us
but i can't sleep when you're gone
and you say "what's another day?"

Martina McBride
43, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Evolution (1997), Emotion (1999)
Favorite Song: Concrete Angel

a statue stands in a shaded place
an angel girl with an upturned face
her name is written on a polished rock
a broken heart that the world forgot
through the wind and the rain
she stands hard as a stone
in a world that she can't rise above
but her dreams give her wings
and she flies to a place where she's loved
concrete angel

Megan McCauley
21, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Better Than Blood (2008)
Favorite Song: Die For You

i know i shouldn't love you
there's just too much to fake
but you see me, and i feel you
and i am not afraid, i'm not afraid
and i bleed you since i've healed you
your pain escapes through me
'cause i breathe you but i hate you
'cause they say we could never be

Melissa Etheridge
48, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Melissa Etheridge (1988), Skin (2001), Lucky (2004)
Favorite Song: Like The Way I Do

can i survive all the implications
even if i tried, could you be less than an addiction
don't you think i know there's so many others
who would beg, steal and lie, fight, kill and die
just to hold you, hold you, like i do
tell me, does she love you like the way i love you
does she stimulate you, attract and captivate you
tell me, does she miss you, existing just to kiss you
like the way i do
tell me, does she want you, infatuate and haunt you
does she know just how to shock you, electrify and rock you
does she inject you, seduce you and affect you
like the way i do

nobody loves you like the way i do
nobody wants you like the way i do
nobody needs you like the way i do
nobody aches, nobody aches just to hold you
like the way i do

Michelle Branch
26, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Spirit Room (2001), Hotel Paper (2003)
Favorite Song:: Desperately

you looked my way and said "you frustrate me,"
like you're thinking of lines and times
when you and I were you and me
we took our chance out on the street
then I missed my chance,and chances are it won't be coming back for me
why can't I ignore it?
i keep giving in but i should know better
'cause there was something 'bout the way you looked at me
and it's strange that things change
but not me wanting you so desperately

Natalie Imbruglia
35, Australian
Favorite Album(s): Left Of The Middle (1997), White Lilies Island (2001), Counting Down The Days (2005)
Favorite Song: Smoke

my lullaby, hung out to dry
what's up with that?
it's over
where are you, Dad? Mom's looking sad
what's up with that?
it's dark in here

why, bleeding is breathing
you're hiding underneath the smoke in the room
try, bleeding is believing
i used to

Natalie Merchant
46, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Tigerlily (1995)
Favorite Song: Carnival

well, I've walked these streets
in a spectacle of wealth and poverty
in the diamond markets, the scarlet welcome carpet
that they just rolled out for me
and I've walked these streets
in the mad house asylum, they can be
where a wild eyed misfit prophet
on a traffic island stopped, and he raved of saving me

have I been blind?
have I been lost, inside my self and my own mind?
hypnotized, mesmerized, by what my eyes have seen?
have I been wrong?
have I been wise to shut my eyes and play along?
hypnotized, paralyzed, by what my eyes have found?
by what my eyes have seen, what they have seen?

30, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Can't Take Me Home (2000), Missundaztood (2001), I'm Not Dead (2006)
Favorite Song: Split Personality

tell me why can't i just reach up and simply touch the sky
tell me why can't i spread my arms and fly and fly and fly
tell me why can't i say this, why can't i do that?
tell me, what do they want from me?
tell me how to act
can you help me?
does anybody hear me?
can they even see me?
this is my reality, oh no

35, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Beautiful Lumps of Coal (2003), Chaotic Resolve (2006)
Favorite Song: Better

you live inside a dream
everything tastes so sweet
as long as it agrees with how you feel
you're dancing in your sleep
'til all the eyes that look at me awaken your anxieties
you're so afraid, so you try to break me
i don't want to care, and i don't want to hate
ad I don't want to see you fall too far away
all because of fear
'cause when you're afraid, you lash out at me
and you say all the things that you never meant to say
and try to break me
but in the end, what leaves you broken
in the end, makes you better

22, Barbadian
Favorite Album(s): A Girl Like Me (2006), Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Favorite Song: Unfaithful

our love, his trust
i might as well take a gun and put it to his head
get it over with
i don't wanna do this anymore

i don't wanna do this anymore
i don't wanna be the reason why
and everytime i walk out the door
i see him die a little more inside
and I don't wanna hurt him anymore
i don't wanna take away his life
i don't wanna be a murderer, a murderer

Sara Bareilles
30, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Careful Confessions (2004), Little Voice (2007)
Favorite Song: City

there's a harvest each Saturday night
at the bars filled with perfume and hitching a ride
a place you can stand for one night and get gone
and it's clear this conversation ain't doing a thing
'cause these boys only listen to me when i sing
and i don't feel like singing tonight
all the same songs

here in these deep city lights
girl could get lost tonight
i'm finding every reason to be gone
nothing here to hold onto
could i hold you?

Sarah McLachlan
42, Canadian
Favorite Album(s): Solace (1991), Surfacing (1997), Afterglow (2003)
Favorite Song: Fallen

we all begin with good intent, when love was raw and young
we believed that we could change ourselves, the past can be undone
but we carry on our back, the burden time always reveals
in the lonely light of morning, in the wound that would not heal
it's the bitter taste of losing everything that I've held so dear

i've fallen, i have sunk so low
i messed up, better I should know
so don't come round here and tell me i told you so

Suzie McNeil
33, Canadian
Favorite Album(s): Broken & Beautiful (2007)
Favorite Song: Poison

there was something they said to you
i've thought about it every day since you're gone
and I hate what they gave to you
but a little bit of poison still makes you strong
and you're a little bit more than they ever did see
now you're bigger than life, but you've never been free
there's a noise in your head and it gets in your face
but somehow they can't take you down

too many questions nobody answers and I need some truth here tonight
And all that you run from, somehow it finds you
and a little bit of poison still makes you strong

Toni Braxton
42, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Toni Braxton (1993), Secrets (1996)
Favorite Song: Breathe Again

and i can't stop thinkin' about
about the way things used to be
and i can't stop thinking about
about the love that you make to me
and i can't get you outta my head
how in the world will i begin
to let you walk right out my life
and blow my heart away
and i can't stop caring about
about the apple of my eye
and i can't stop doing without
without the center of my life
and i can't get you out of my head
and i know i can't pretend
that i won't die if you decide
you won't see me again

Tori Amos
46, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Little Earthquakes (1992), From The Choirgirl Hotel (1998), Scarlet's Walk (2002), The Beekeeper (2005)
Favorite Song: Silent All These Years

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thougts
what's so amazing about really deep thoughts
boy, you best pray that i bleed real soon
how's that thought for you?
my scream got lost in a paper cup
you think there's a heaven where some screams have gone?
i got 25 bucks and a cracker
do you think it's enough to get us there?

'cause what if i'm a mermaid
in these jeans of his with her name still on it
hey, but I don't care 'cause sometimes
i said sometimes, i hear my voice
and it's been here, silent all these years

Utada Hikaru
27, Japanese
Favorite Album(s): Exodus (2004)
Favorite Song: Kremlin Dusk

by the door, you said you had to go
couldn't help me anymore
this I saw coming long before
so I kept on staring out the window
calling you, calling you home
calling you, calling you home

i am a natural entertainer, aren't we all
holding pieces of dying ember, i'm just trying to remember
who I can call, who can I call

Vanessa Carlton
29, U.S.
Favorite Album(s): Be Not Nobody (2002), Harmonium (2004), Heroes & Thieves (2007)
Favorite Song: More Than This

want so much in this life, there's so much to be
we sail through our youth so impatiently
until we see that the years move along
and soldiers and heroes come home
and they carry a song

don't live in forgotten times
may this always remind you
of the sea, under the skies, blue, looking glass
let's make this our story, let's live in the glory
time, it fades away, precious as a song
'cause someday we'll be gone

Vienna Teng
31, Taiwanese
Favorite Album(s): Waking Hour (2002), Dreaming Through The Noise (2006)
Favorite Song: Recessional

and she dreams through the noise, her weight against me
face pressed into the corduroy grooves
maybe it means nothing, maybe it means nothing
maybe it means nothing, but I'm afraid to move

and the words, they're everything and nothing.
i want to search for her in the offhand remarks
who are you, taking coffee, no sugar?
who are you, echoing street signs?
who are you, the stranger in the shell of a lover
dark curtains drawn by the passage of time?

oh, words like rain, how sweet the sound
"well, anyway," she says, "i'll see you around."

Date: 2010-03-25 09:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] standinthesun.livejournal.com
I agree with pretty much every artist on this list. We have really similar taste in music, haha. I love you for including Anna Nalick, she's so underrated and I'm so upset she's pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet. And Vanessa Carlton's my favorite ♥

Date: 2010-03-26 04:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] gemkazoni.livejournal.com
Awesome! And I'm glad to hear it. <333 I'm sad about Anna Nalick, too! I love her album so much. I read that she was working on a new one a while ago, but it was scrapped. :(

Thanks for commenting!



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